School Theatre Residency Programs

School Enrichment Theatre Workshops: 

One Day – Five Day – Four Weeks – interfaced with NY State Common Core Standards: K-8.

Contact: Teaching Artist: Karen

Custom create workshops:

  • To authenticate ‘in class’ study units with students’ participation.
  • To collaborate on ‘Whole School Assembly’ focused themes.
  • To Interface with Teacher Professional Development

Students: Grades: 3 – 12Mythmaking Workshop.

Students collaborate to create and present an original short Myth/Play inventing their own characters – co-writing original scene dialogue  –  interacting to develop a unique world that engages challenging obstacles to solve a ‘sudden’ crisis – communicating as a group of ‘experts’ with their  own individual unique strengths – depicting clear event sequences ending in a final positive resolution benefitting all the peoples of their world.

Objective: To authenticate classroom study units – English, Social Studies, World Languages, Science, Math.

Goal: Whole class participation –  Students will participate in group discussions expressing vocabulary and solutions designed to build their character with knowledge of in-class ‘study unit’.

NY State Core Standards: Reading Standards: Key Ideas & Details

Students communicate what they observe and interpret what is occurring in each scene. Students analyze how particular incidents in a story or drama propel the action, reveal aspects of character or provoke a decision.


Teacher Development – Bring Drama alive with your students’: Myth Making Workshop

   Teachers will create original scenes by learning ‘hands-on’ easy drama skills interfaced with NY State Standards inspired by workshop participant’s Study Units: Social Studies, English, Math, Science, World Languages to integrate into their classrooms.

Possible Myths:

To create a scene using characters who are presented with a challenge to be solved as a group.

  * Mythological characters.

  * Pilgrims and Native Americans.

  * Famous people all in one room.

  * Madame Curie or other Scientists

  * From Study Units from teacher workshop participants.

Contact: Teaching Artist: Karen  

Coyote Challenges the World – ROC Fringe Festival – Photo by Tanya Youngman